Sunday, February 20, 2011


Opening Day at our virtual ballpark is set for Tuesday, March 1st.

Will is our lead-off hitter with John on deck for Thursday, March 3rd, and Rick in the hole for Saturday, March 6th. We've got the drop on this year’s major league ball season by one solid month!

We promise readers an interesting mix of current baseball news and views, a good dose of baseball history and a chance to speak your own mind when we say something you find interesting or when we really piss you off. Join us! Tickets are always free and there’s a spot for you wherever it is you like to sit in a ballpark.

See you on March 1st!


larry toman said...

John's right about this year. It is new, different and exciting. The changes are major, and only time will tell if all the pieces of the puzzle fall into place and fit.There's always optimism in the air, when spring training begins. Play ball!!

Rick Blechta said...

That's what nice about the beginning of any season: you never know what's going to happen -- and every team has a chance, at least for a few weeks.

If you're speaking about the Jays, though, you're correct. Who knows what will happen? Even though the team lost a couple of big bats (Buck and Wells), two players on the team could easily pick up that slack (Hill and Lind). The starting pitching could well be better than last year and I don't think the bullpen is any weaker for the loss of a couple of big arms.

Time will tell...