Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Jays in 2011: Who’s on first?

I will concentrate on current aspects of the Blue Jays and shenanigans surrounding players, trades, other teams and other timely topics.

So, the season begins and our hopes sprout just like the new names on the roster. The old is out and the new in. Grapefruit always means there’s still a chance, a glimmer of hope, that the boys will once again exceed our great expectations and make us proud. It takes a long time for my spirit to be dashed by reality.

The Jay’s, this year, are making big changes. Not that they haven’t in the past but with new people at the helm the bat is swinging for the outfield if not the fences. The pitching staff is young and inexperienced for the long hall and the veteran of the bunch Romero is only a third year man. The rest? No one knows for sure. A full season will tell the tale.

The outfield is also, of diminished capacity. Hopefully, speed will prevail with Davies in centre. (He will steal more bases than the whole team last year.) As for the infield, ouch!! In baseball you throw the ball hit the ball and catch the ball. Well, I guess for Encarnacion, one out of three ain’t bad. He is not an Overbay who can dig it out from practically any throw from third (Encarnacion’s previous incarnation). Who’s on first? I don’t know. Third base. From third to first and DH. Yikes!!

Now, with one of the best arms from right filed going to third base, I am concerned. Bautista can throw a strike from left. He sure put pressure on runs at home. I know he likes and can play third but... Who’s in right now, or left. Questions questions. This is a make or break year for Snider. All is up in the air.

Now for manager. Farrell has lots of top level expertise and a penchant for small ball. About time. I love big ball but you can’t expect to bash your way to the playoffs. You often need to dig out a win with small ball. So we have chance to put most of the pieces together for a good season.

I can’t wait to hear “play ball.”

John "The Tomahawk" Trembath

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Rick Blechta said...

Probably the best comedy sketch of all time — and they do it with perfect timing.

Thanks, John!