Friday, April 8, 2011

Late breaking news

I was just reading on that Manny Ramirez has retired as an active ball player because of "issues" with a recent drug test.

This is an incredibly sad end to a great career. All the drugs in the world won't help you hit a baseball better. Manny had an incredible talent laid upon him: to hit a baseball hard and often. He's a career .312 hitter, for heaven's sake. Where he fell to temptation was that drugs can help you hit a ball farther. So, maybe you hit more home runs or knock balls high of the fence for doubles or triples, but is it worth it?

In this case, you'd definitely have to say no.


Larry Toman said...

Hi Rick...yet another example of a great player ( albeit head case and virus in the clubhouse ) that couldn't resist the " juice ". They all were having HOF careers, but when push came to shove, the temptation to push it further became irresistible. As I mentioned in an earlier reply, none of them go to Cooperstown, because it desecrates and de-moralises the amazing careers of those who are there.

Rick Blechta said...

Yeah, but while Manny had the hitting ability for a great career batting average, would he have hit 550+ home runs without PEDs? I doubt it.

Thanks for commenting!

John Z said...

What a waste of much for "Manny being Manny". What a stupid thing to do especially after having been caught and suspended previously - or did he just like that female hormone a bit too much?
Question - are there similar drug rules & testing in Japan & Mexican leagues?