Monday, June 13, 2011

Great Names

I really enjoyed John's last post about great baseball names. John talks about players whose nicknames were used so regularly that few fans knew the players' real given names. The classic is of course George Herman Ruth, who was immediately referred to as another one of the 'babes' (young players) that minor league owner Jack Dunn had sold to the Red Sox.

Other players who were always called by their nicknames include (Larry) Napoleon Lajoie, (Frank) Home Run Baker, (Lewis) Hack Wilson, (Lynnwood) Schoolboy Rowe, (Charles) Gabby Hartnett, (James) Cool Papa Bell, (Charles) Chief Bender, (Mordecai) Three-Finger Brown, (Harold) Peewee Reese, and (Carlton) Pudge Fisk.

Cool Papa Bell

There have been several very cool and understandable nicknames given to players because of their rare talents. They would include Iron Man Joe McGinnity, Ty Cobb the Georgia Peach, Lou the Iron Horse Gehrig, Walter the Big Train Johnson, Frankie Frisch the Fordam Flash, Ted Williams the Splendid Splinter, Phil the Skooter Rizzuto, Stan the Man Musial, Leo the Lip Durocher, Willie Mays the Say Hey Kid, and Reggie Jackson, Mr. October.

Okay, now let's have some fun and use mostly actual birthnames and some nicknames to put together baseball's all animal team.

P - Doug Bird

P - Randy Wolf

P - Moose Haas

Reliever - Goose Gossage

C - Yogi the Bear Berra
1B - Moose Skowron

2B - Nellie Fox

3B - Jimmie Foxx

SS - Rabbit Maranville

Reserve IF - Mike Lamb

OF- Ducky Medwick

OF - Goose Goslin

OF - Rob Deer

And the all fish team...

P - Art "Red" Herring
P - Catfish Hunter

P - Dizzy Trout

P - Mudcat Grant
C - Steve Lake

1B - Randy Bass

2B - Cod Myers

3B - Neal "Mickey" Finn

SS - Lip Pike

Reserve IF - Bobby Sturgeon

OF - Tim Salmon

OF - Kevin Bass
OF - "Gentleman George" Haddock

DH - Mike Carp

Why don't you readers try to come up with your own All __________s teams?

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