Saturday, October 22, 2011

It doesn’t get much better than this

Is it just me or has the 2011 World Series been much more exciting than those in the recent past? Two hard-nosed, talented teams are duking it out, toe to toe and not giving an inch. Sure, there are good games in the Series nearly every year. These are always really good teams that are usually playing at the top of their game, so what would you expect? But then there are also games and Series that leave a lot to be desired with sloppy play or one-sided blowouts or just uninspired baseball. My feeling is that the Rangers and Cardinals want this so bad they can taste it – and it’s showing in the way they’re playing.

Some of each team’s great players are definitely not having good series this year. Hamilton is obviously hurt, and admitted that if this were the normal season, he’d be on the disabled list. Pujols is struggling, too. But that’s to be expected. It’s the end of a long season and people get pretty beat up in six months of hard playing. And some players just hit a slump at exactly the wrong time.

But there are also some players on both teams that have been nothing short of amazing. Case in point: the Rangers’ Elvis Andrus. Have you seen the absolutely jaw-dropping double play he started last night, that I feel ultimately changed the course of the game in the Rangers’ favor. Here it is:

Is that not amazing? Some are comparing it to the incredible catch made by Willie Mays in the 1954 World Series. Look at it below:

Pretty good. Right? Which do you think is better? Mays made a huge play. His throw back to the infield certainly was skyed, but he makes an almost impossible catch and then stops on a dime to make it. The Andrus play from Thursdays game has a lot more subtlety about it. There’s finesse there. The fact that he obviously caught Kinsler, his second baseman, napping and out of the play makes the tail end of this double play even more amazing.

Like I said off the top, if you want to see some great baseball, I get the feeling that this series might be it.

Now watch the next 4 games be complete blowouts...

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