Sunday, November 6, 2011

And now, the off-season

Hi there, Late Innings fans.

With the slowing down of the baseball year while every team tries to figure out just what the hell they’re going to need to do to get to the World Series a year from now, we’ve also decided to go into off-season mode here on Late Innings, too.

“What exactly does that mean?” you might well ask. Well, a few things.

First, you won’t be hearing from Will as often. His historical essays take a fair bit of time to research and write up and he has severe writer’s cramp as a result. He’s going to see Dr. Frank Jobe who has treated nearly all the great baseball sports journalists over the years who have come down with this career-threatening injury. Will may post during his convalescence, but not until he’s given clearance to write off a mound. He promises to be ready by spring training.

John will continue to post sporadically, as well – keeping up his record from the regular season. A man of many words, I know he has a lot of them left over that he’ll need to get rid of before spring training starts in the new year.

Me? You’ll have to put up with me since I’ll probably post most Saturdays.

But now our big announcement! We’d like to invite you, our faithful readers, to be guest off-season writers for us. Do you have any interesting baseball thoughts you’d like to share? A favorite team? Player? Something you want to gripe about? We’d love to offer you our soapbox. Please contact me directly at and I’ll tell you everything you need to know.

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