Sunday, March 4, 2012

A favorite day

I sort of blew it yesterday. Everything was ready for a really magical moment, something I really look forward to over the dark, cold winter months. Since I was in my studio working, I figured I’d enjoy it on my computer, so I didn’t even check the radio broadcast schedule since I subscribe to the MLB audio feed. You know what I’m talking about by now, don’t you? That moment in time when all good baseball fans go “Ahhhh”.

The first spring training games were held yesterday. For the past week, I’ve been like a kid waiting for Christmas to arrive. I so couldn’t wait for Saturday at 1:00. For me, as I’m sure it is for a lot of baseball fans, that magical moment when your team’s broadcasters sign on for the first time means that winter is finally on the wane, your team is starting to rev their engine for another run at the World Series (hey, hope springs eternal, doesn’t it?), and that warm, sunny days are just around the corner.

Unfortunately for me, I missed it. I’d like to have a really good excuse to give you but I don’t. I sort of could blame technology, since I didn’t realize how long it would take to log in to receive the broadcast, but I’m experienced enough to know better. I could blame MLB for those damned pop-ups advertising all their available broadcast features, but it’s not like I’ve never dealt with those before.

No, I just flat out didn’t get myself ready in time. Since I listen to the Jays, I missed Jerry Howarth and Alan Ashby sign in, and when everything was tickety-boo on my computer, the Jays’ starting pitcher, Brett Cecil, already had two outs! Damn!!

Yes, it was very nice to hear the crack of the bat and the crowd noises and the Jays went on to play a pretty nice game, winning it handily, but the whole thing was bittersweet for me.

I missed the sign-on.

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