Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Change and a Rest

Sometimes a change is as good as a rest. To have both is wonderful, when you get results like Tuesday and Wednesday night at the White Sox. The Jays took a day off playing charity golf and then John Farrell set a new lineup.  The staring lineup put Brett Lawrie and Colby Rasmus one two and was a thrill to watch.

The Jays are playing the red hot White Sox sporting a very impressive 14/16 run. The Jays have now broken their home streak and taken this series – I hope it is a sweep. 
Brett “Pigpen” Lawrie – thanks Rick – had a great outing Tuesday, with his youthful exuberance and tremendous speed. Again, he showed all his tools for the game.  As in the Charlie Brown comic, Lawrie is always on the middle of things and everything seems to swirl around him – like “Pigpen”. Even with his swing, which I think of as thrashing, he can still get on base. He is the Jay’s third baseman for a long time.

Colby Rasmus, even more, exhibited his newfound spot with relish. He went 5 for 5 on Tuesday and combined with Wednesday batting .666. On May 25 he was batting a paltry .215 and now is a rising  .247. He has 4 HR’s to go with that. He seems to be able to hit out of the strike zone to keep the opposing pitchers having to adjust. Rasmus has been great on defense but his whole approach is the opposite of Lawrie’s. He is lax looking and goofy and can barley put a sentence together. It is hard to tell if he is engaged in what is going on. But all that said, he is now putting in an effort at the plate.  Maybe we will get to see what the Cards did not, a more rounded involved player. I hope Farrell does not upset Rasmus by changing something.

Rajiv Davis now at the bottom of the order, has responded like a pro. He hit his fourth home run of the season securing the lead in Wednesday’s game making it 4/0. He also managed to run from first to third pretty quickly and then score. David Cooper, as DH, played .500 ball and hit a HR as well. So the bottom of the lineup did their bit as well.  Not to forget Bautista – who cashed in an HR when needed on Wednesday. 

The pitching has been great as well. Ricky Romero has found his location and cut down his walk count to 1 on Tuesday. For his last ten games he walked 34 and only stuck out 51. Brandon Morrow pitched a complete game two hitter for his third shutout. Now that is just great to be able to say. It seems the question marks about him have been answered. His fastball and slider just really baffled the White Sox.

All in all the Jays lumber and defense picked up considerably they last couple of days after the rest. 

The Jays are putting it all together. My credit goes to Anthopoulos and Farrell. They have been aggressive with changing personnel and movement on and off the field. The Jays are improving. Is it time for them to start the push? The Jays are only two out of first. Are the pieces there? What more do they need? Another arm and another bat?  Where do you find those pieces? Who will the sellers be at the trade deadline?  What will we give up to make a deal? Why do I feel so unlike me, nice and positive?

It’s a great time of year.

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