Thursday, June 28, 2012

Cheats and Liars

So here again, after last weeks fiasco with pine tar, we now have another faker with the phantom catch. The code in baseball is all but gone and anything goes.

On May 30, 2007, Alex Rodriguez, made a play where he “distracted” Jay’s third baseman Howie Clark. Jorge Posada hit a short infield two-out pop-up to third.  A-Rod was going from second to third. On the way he yelled “Mine” and Clark backed off thinking he was called off the ball. Johnny MacDonald could not get to the ball and the ball dropped. A-Rod and Posada were safe. Was this cheating?  A-Rod, in game 6 of the ALCS against Boston purposely knocked the ball out of Bronson Arroyo’s glove while applying a tag. A-Rod was called out for interference. That should have been the case in TO as well.  It was interference.

Two nights ago we had the blown call. Former Jay, Dewayne Wise, made the phantom catch. The ball hit the heel of his glove as he made a spectacular dive into the stands. The umpire, Mike DiMuro, made the call even though the ball was not in Wise’s glove. He never checked. Everyone wants to dump on the ump. He blew it. He should have checked on the ball. But for Wises’ part he never made the play and faked having the ball in his glove. Was he wrong? If you get away with this it appears to be ok. All the other guys will say they would have done the same. Anything to win the game.

In the past, decoying was allowed and showed up the runner because he was not aware of where the ball was. Wise just faking the catch in the stands just makes him and the Yankees, yet again, look bad. We all now know it was DiMuro’s fault. But Wise certainly played the fake to assure the missed call.

Do we have to have every call made by the umps up for video replay? I feel it should be part of the game in this century, but come on.  I guess if video replay is all you need, then any fake would be acceptable because it would be found out. If one watches other sports on replay, you know that even then, things sometimes do not get sorted out. 

Some integrity for baseball should come from the players also. Dewayne Wise aided in his “spectacular” catch. It was not all the ump. If I was on the other team, I would watch him and the rest of the dirty Yanks each and every play and call them on everything all the time. The game would be slow, but “who cares if you win” right? Following the code, there are many things one can do, but cheating isn’t one of them.

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