Saturday, September 29, 2012

And as the 2012 season winds down…

I had my prognosticating hat on a few weeks ago and my predictions are looking pretty accurate. The Yanks are looking good in the AL East, the Tigers are finally in first in the Central and the Rangers are being, well, the Rangers, much as they’ve done in years past.

Over in the NL, it was pretty obvious to pick the Nats to do it in the east. Ditto for the Reds in the Central. I blew it in the West, though. The Dodgers faded badly and the Giants just kept pouring it on. To be honest, watching them the other night, they just might be the class of the 2012 season. I hate to say it (being staunchly behind the AL) that either San Francisco or Cincinnati will be having a big parade in early November. All of the teams in the AL are having issues. The Yanks pitching has had a lot of ups and downs, the Rangers have significant injuries and the Tigers just haven’t looked all that good throughout the season. They’re all takable.

In the Wild Card races, I was smart enough not to predict too much, simply because it’s all incredibly volatile – even in this last full week coming up. Things could change quite radically. There are lots of different way the final week could affect the two wild cards in each league. There could even be a few ties? Gee, Bug Selig didn’t tell us about how they were going to handle that when the second wild card was announced during the off-season. With broadcast schedules as tight as they are, it could really throw a spanner in the works.

Regardless, I going to go out on a limb. Here are my predictions for the two leagues’ wildcard races. In the AL, I think the Orioles will hold on for the first wildcard, if they don’t catch the Yankees outright – which I think might well take place. This is a team that just seems charmed in 2012. I think the A’s will squeak through to get the inaugural first second wildcard in the AL.

Over in the senior circuit, the wildcard is pretty well set: the Braves know how to win (despite last year’s el-foldo) and there’s really no one who can hope to catch the Cards, who would have to lose practically every single game left while either the Dodgers or Brewers go on a huge winning streak. It ain’t gonna happen folks.

See you on October 3rd when I will either be patting myself on the back or feeling like a complete chump!


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