Saturday, September 1, 2012

As we enter the final month of the 2012 season…

Our recent season here at Late Innings has mirrored the Jays season in many ways. John has been on the DL since late June (or should that be MIA?), I’ve not been writing like my old self: too many work commitments and a new novel about to be released – and boy, does that take up a lot of time! Even our iron man, Will has missed a few posts, probably due to a golf-related injury. It’s been rough filling up those blank blog pages with major league material. And for that, we all apologize. Thanks for sticking with us. Just wait until next year. We will redouble our efforts in the off-season, go after free-agent writing talent, and at the very least stock our farm system with top-rated talent that we can draw on in the years to come, building a perennial blog winner season after season. Blah, blah, blah…

No doubt, it’s been a very strange ball season so far. Some teams (Yanks and Rangers) are doing what they’re supposed to, but a large number of others aren’t (Angels, Detroit, Philly, Miami). A lot of races are still very close, so in the last month of regular play, things could change drastically.

Did the Dodgers (anyone else out there know how they came by that moniker?) make the blockbuster trade of the season with the Bosox? Will all that money the Angels shelled out for two veteran stars pan out for them in the end? Only the baseball gods know for sure – and they sure ain’t telling. It promises to be a very interesting September.

I usually spend a few hours every week, trolling the baseball press for interesting tidbits. I ran across a very interesting article, an excellent bit of baseball journalism on the MLB site. Well, actually, it was only mentioned on the MLB site which directed one elsewhere. You all know what I think of the usual MLB coverage and “journalism”.

This profile of Joe Mauer, the Twinkies main man – or at least the person we thought had that mantle (pun very much intended) until this past week when he was put on waivers – is insightful, well-written, and will really help you understand why the business of baseball is so different from, but yet intertwined with the game of baseball in some quite inexplicable ways. At the very least, you’ll now understand why teams throw money at players in such stupid amounts.

I enjoyed it very much and I hope you do, too. Kudos to Joe Posnanski for the best thing I’ve read so far this season. Read his “Baseball is Business Not Storybook” from

Anyone want to venture a guess with me on who will stand atop the six divisions at the end of September? (I won’t be forced into prognosticating on wild card territory, not even with a 10-foot cattle prod.) My predictions are as follows: Yankees, Detroit, Texas in the AL and Nationals, Reds and Dodgers in the NL (See? I’m thinking that trade with the Bosox will actually bear fruit.)

Come on, don’t be shy. Let’s hear what you think, baseball fans.


Anonymous said...

"Brooklyn Trolley Dodgers" original name of the team.

Rick Blechta said...

Bravo, and either someone who hails from that storied borough of New York, or a true baseball scholar! Well done, you!!