Thursday, October 4, 2012


The season from hell has finally come to an end. The Jays are 73 - 89 and have at least beat Boston out of last place. As if that means anything. So it is time to speculate on the future. I am thinking that some interesting changes will happen this off-season which will start now.

I am thinking that the John Farrell rumor of his going to the Red Sox will indeed happen and fairly soon. Bobby Valentine has sewered his career, and for the last time I think. The latest twitter-sphere screw-up has left him no one in the front office, on his staff or on the field, with any support. He has made that abundantly clear. Poof, he’s gone.

John Farrell has appeared to be grumpy of late – good observation, Larry. He is more taciturn and curt in his answers on the broadcast. When asked if his contract runs out in 2013 his only answer was, yes. I know he has had a very bad time with filling in players because of injuries but his record is not that hot anyway at 154-170, for an average of    .475. Much like this year, .450. Last year the rumor started when Terry Francona – Farrell’s buddy and former team mate – was fired by the Red Sox. Alex Anthopoulos initiated the lateral transfer clause scenario where Farrell could be promoted and leave the Jays but not take on another manager job with the Red Sox or anywhere else. Since then, every trip to Bean Town has caused the rumors to be more persistent and now there is no denial.

So how will all this happen? Anthopoulos will get something good for Farrell, I hope. I mean something good like Dustin Pedroia, whose name has shown up in the rumor mill of late. I think Pedroia will recover from pinky surgery and be ready to start in the spring.
If the Red Sox want Farrell badly enough – and he seems to be their guy – they must give up something the Jays need. They need a second baseman. Kelly Johnson is not going to have the starting job next year with his BA of .225 and OBP of .313.  Pedroia would be a great fit.  It might be someone else, but I doubt it.

So who will be the next manager of the Jays? I shall start another rumor. We need someone who has done it all and can be an inspiration to the young players and have the respect of the veterans. Someone with real player experience and has proven managerial skills. Francona appears to be going to the Indians. Joey Cora, Fredi Gonzalez and Pat Listach are not a fit for the Jays. Eric Wedger had a losing record with the Indians, .481.

So my rumor starts with Ryan Sandberg, member of the Hall of Fame, elected 2005. A career .285 hitter with 2386 hits and an OPS+ of 114. Mr. Cub. He has been managing for six years and led the Lehigh Iron Pigs of the International League to their first playoff series. In 2011 he was named Minor League Manager of the Year. What better choice could the Jays have in going for “Ryno” who has done it all: All-Star, Gold Glove, Silver Slugger, NL MVP, Home Run Derby winner and retired number. He’s only 52 years old.

By the way, the newly acquired Buffalo Bisons are in the IL too. Sandberg would have first hand knowledge of the players already in Buffalo, and of course, the rest of the league. Anthopoulos will have to move fast to beat the Phillie's who also have their eye on Sandberg, but just as a coach. We have the bigger apple, that of manager.

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