Sunday, October 28, 2012

So what do we think now?

Boy, the World Series has been one-sided to this point. The Giants have thrown the Tigers down and have their foot on the team’s neck and could well deliver the coups de gras before day’s end. My crystal ball certainly needs re-calibration because it didn’t see this coming!

Last night’s game, at least, was pretty exciting…for awhile. However, once Lincecum came in, I got the feeling it was all over and switched the game off. It’s not that the Tigers have been bad; it’s that the Giants have been better. Want an example of the baseball truism “good pitching beats good hitting”? Look no further than these games.

It would be nice for Detroit to step up and win today’s tilt, but I think the conclusion to this year’s WS is pretty much a foregone conclusion.

The Yanks with the '62 series' 7th game.
So, I would like to talk about an old Series, the classic one from 1962 to be exact, Yanks against baseball’s current darlings, the Giants. In prowling around MLB’s website Friday, I found an excerpt from the 2012 edition of SCOREBOOK, and a good bit of baseball writing it is as it describes a very uncharacteristic response from the Yanks’ Clete Boyer. Read it HERE.

I especially like the close of the excerpt. I can imagine the torture Lockman must have been going through, but what a fantastic image the late night phone call makes.

Sadly, I don’t think we’ll have any such moments to remember the 2012 World Series by.

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