Saturday, December 22, 2012

Baseball Seasons Greetings

I’m dropping by today to send every Late Innings reader and blogger a very Happy Holiday Season.

The included image was chosen for its special significance to the staff here at Late Innings. John’s beard always reminds me of Santa. His father also sports a beard and really looks like the old gift giver. When my kids were young we’d often take them to Hogtown Bombers games where they would have a whole bench of babysitters. One time John brought his dad along to score the game for us. Both our boys sidled up to me, concern on their faces. “Is that Santa Claus?” they asked, pointing at John’s dad. I did what any other red-blooded father would and told them, “It sure is, and if you know what’s good for you, you’ll behave really well while we’re playing. He’s going to be watching you!” They sat with their butts firmly attached to the other end of the bench and didn’t move for the whole game. My wife and I wanted Santa to come to every game after that!

As for the expression on Santa in the drawing above, his grimace really reminds me of our own Will “The Thrill” Braund digging in for the next fastball that’s anywhere near the plate (he’s also batting lefty).

One last thing: here’s a link to a really good article about the way the offseason is playing out (Winning offseason doesn’t guarantee championship).

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