Sunday, March 31, 2013

The calm before the storm

This is a special day for baseball fans. For me, it has very much the same feel as Christmas Eve did when I was a lad. You’d waited weeks and weeks, then there was that day where the universe seemed to take a breath and time stood still. I may be hitting the hyperbole button a bit too much here, but while today there’s no baseball, tomorrow there will be – and it will count! Every small muscle twitch once the ump shouts, “Play ball!” will be for something. Swept away will be the thought that those runs that the pitcher just gave up or that missed fly ball are no big deal because “the game doesn’t mean anything”.

I’m sure ball players feel no different from the fans. They must be really pumped – especially those teams that have the horses to really compete in any particular year. A team like the Astros, if you dug down really deeply, is probably hoping that they won’t embarrass themselves. Thinking back to last season should probably give them more hope since who expected the Athletics to win the AL West? Or the Orioles to nearly get to the ALCS? Magical thinking sometimes works, so every team is hoping that things go well for them, that the gods smile on them giving them that bouncing ball that bleeds through, scoring the game-winning run in the fourteenth inning, that none of their main cogs goes down with an injury, that the third baseman you’re not expecting much from has a career year?

Today, it’s all possible, and that’s the wonder of the day before the baseball season starts. I’m taking a deep breath, along with everyone else, and waiting for tomorrow when it all begins. Tuesday, I’m at the Jays home opener with John, and we’re arriving as the gates open so we can sit inside that stadium and soak up the sounds and sights, waiting for that first meaningful pitch that will start the juggernaut moving forward towards October. At least, we hope it will be a juggernaut.

Only time will tell…

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Rick Blechta said...

Okay, okay, before anyone else tells me, I was totally wrong about there being no games yesterday. I should have looked at the goddamned schedule before writing my post. I just didn't expect there would be a "for real" game in March!

Congrats to the Astros, whom I also dumped on a little bit. Nice win for them!