Saturday, April 20, 2013

From the Now I’ve Seen Everything Department...

Combing through the MLB website this morning, searching for inspiration, I stumbled across the following clip:

Now if I understand this correctly (and I’m sure the inestimable Mssr. Braund will point out the error of my ways if I’m wrong. The man is a bloody walking rule book.), Jean Segura of the Brewers has done something that no ball player in history has ever accomplished: he’s managed to steal first.

That old baseball truism is now going to have to be thrown out of the game: you can’t steal first. Jean has done it, or at least he appears to have done it. If I’m wrong, then maybe he’s managed another first-time feat: getting tagged out twice in the same inning without the benefit of having two plate appearances. Sure, there are guys walking around who have made two outs in an inning. They’re pikers compared to our Jean. He’s now made two outs on only one plate appearance: once when he stepped off second base after making it back from his attempted steal of third (the play was still live since no one had called time) and once again when he tried to steal second for the second time in that inning (on one plate appearance). And if he hadn’t been tagged out on that second second base steal attempt, he also would have managed to steal second twice in an inning on only one plate appearance.

Confused yet?

Personally, I’m with Ryan Braun here, who, in a heads-up play, makes it to second during the Segura rundown between second and third, only to be told that he’s actually not safe. Knowing he’s in the middle of a very bad thing, he just throws up his hands and retreats to the relative sanity of the dugout where he can eat some Gatorade and drink a few sunflower seeds.

Somewhere in the middle of all this are the poor umpires. These men know the rule book inside out. Hell, they probably have to memorize the darn thing and then be able to recite it perfectly in order to work at the Major League level. Jean has probably given them heartburn over his baserunning adventures. Or he’s rewritten the rule book.

And who says your entertainment dollars aren’t well-spent when you go to the old ball yard?

An added bonus: Just to prove that strangeness is all around us, I offer this photo:

So now we know that Hu is indeed on first. Sorry, there’s no indication if What was on second at the time…

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Will Braund said...

That certainly freaks my freak John. If I were umping I would have said that second is Braun's and, since two players cannot occupy the same base, Segura is out.