Sunday, July 28, 2013

More baseball video clips

The first pitch ceremony has long been a part of baseball. Sometimes they’re heart-warming, sometimes they’re funny, and occasionally, they’re simply jaw-dropping. Here’s the jaw-dropping-est of all:

If you watch baseball long enough, you’ll see your share of amazing plays. (Trout vs the Orioles with that sensational catch against the wall last year comes to mind.) But I doubt if you’ve ever seen a play like this one:

And then there are those moments in a game that are just so bizarrely memorable, they’re talked about for years. Probably one of the most famous of these is the Pine Tar Bat Incident. I wrote about this last year. This past week was the 30th anniversary of that iconic moment. George Brett, who’s now that batting coach for the Royals was interviewed about it. It’s a great clip. George always has been worth the price of admission...

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