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Your Chance to Win a Copy of King of the Hall of Flakes

Your Chance to Win a Copy of King of the Hall of Flakes

Author W. G. (Will) Braund

Decide which of these crazy things Rube did was the nuttiest and you could win a copy of King of the Hall of Flakes. The tenth submission will be chosen.

    Pick from among the following things.


chewed live snakes on a vaudeville stage
missed a start because he was home playing with his new puppy
married a girl he'd met two days before
did handsprings and cartwheels off the mound after striking out the side
blew up a stove when imprisoned by the National Guard (they let him go)
wrestled alligators
herded the runners around the bases like dogeys in a cattle drive when coaching first
ate more than 100 oysters in a contest
ordered everyone (but the catcher) off the field
sold wieners on a bun outside the crosstown stadium
often caught fish where no one had for years
knocked out several 'villains' in Stain of Guilt because he couldn't master the fake punch
soaked his arm in cold water BEFORE a game to take some of the speed out of his shoots
introduced himself to his all of his new teammates when he arrived in town - at 3 a.m.
never had a bank account
threw a slider, curve, screwball, and knuckleball
played with a lion on stage
ran into the stands and dragged a notorious gambler onto the diamond
picked up (by himself) and carried a woodstove from a burning store
jumped out a hotel window

Actually he did a lot more crazy things. They're in the book.

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