Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Out of the Park Worldwide proudly announces the release of Will Braund's second historical novel, "Babe Ruth & the 1927 Yankees Have the Best Summer Ever."

Like his first novel, King of the Hall of Flakes, and his third, The Only Del, which is set for a Spring 2017 release, Babe Ruth & the 1927 Yankees Have the Best Summer Ever is based on painstaking research into every aspect of the subject, in this case the greatest and most interesting baseball team of all time.

If Will finds out the Yankees ate at a restaurant he tells you not just what street it's on, he describes the d├ęcor, tells you what the rooms are called, what's on the menu, and what the cigarette girl is wearing. If the Babe visits a bordello you'll feel like your inside it with him, cutting into a 32-ounce steak, listening to the orchestra, looking at the paintings on the walls, swilling the brandy around in your crystal glass, and smelling the girls' perfume.

Check out what just fell out of the Babe's locker. And looks what's on top of it! You'll giggle along with the rest of the Yankees as Tony Lazzeri sticks a burning match in Herb Pennock's shoe while everybody waits for Lucky Lindy to make it to the Stadium.
You'll hear and feel the clicking wheels on the tracks under the Pullman car as you and the conductor stare wide-eyed at the book Waite Hoyt's reading. Herb Pennock's reading too, but it could be dangerous. Speaking of which, don't let Urban Shocker lie down! And if you're around Tony Lazzeri in the morning you could be in for a shock. He's got a secret. Everybody knows what Biscuit Pants Gehrig will be doing ... writin' his mom another letter. Say, but she sure served a great dinner for all the German players the other night.

You'll hear Everybody's Doin' It, and No Wonder She's a Blushin', and Let's Misbehave playin' on the Victrola in the Babe's suite at the Ansonia. You'll have a laugh when the Babe calls his bootlegger. Later you can go for a dip in the pool with the Babe and Flo Ziegfeld and his mistress.
You'll hear Charlie Chaplin's British accent when you go along with the Babe, Doug Fairbanks and Mary Pickford to Breakaway House to talk about the motion picture academy they're starting up.

Of course you may be still be thinking about what the Babe and the sexy and beautiful Clara Bow did on their midnight drive to Nevada.

You'll gulp along with Tony, and Joe, and Mark Koenig (it's pronounced Kaynig by the way) when you realize that Al Capone's just invited you up to his sweet at the Lexington. Check out the secret shooting gallery.

The booze is flowing, the flappers are frisky. Everybody's havin' a swell time. Don't miss out. Buy Babe Ruth & the 1927 Yankees Have the Best Summer Ever at Amazon, Kobo, or Barnes & Noble.

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